ITrue Set of 3 Ceramic Giraffe Collectible Figurines

Price: $49.90.


These giraffes are just precious. They look adorable in the photo, and even better in real life.

Photos really cannot adequately convey just how well made and cute these are. Here are the details:

1. BOUTIQUE QUALITY: Everything about these porcelain giraffes exudes quality. I would compare these to expensive porcelain items you might find at Saks, Macys, Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus.

2. EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP: The porcelain is smooth and flawless. The glaze is almost glass like. These giraffes have gone through 20 manual processes, including carving and piercing to achieve this level of quality. Pieces are fired 3 times to achieve the fine appearance.


3. CUT OUTS: The sides of the giraffes feature heart shaped cut outs – a detail not found in inexpensive porcelain.




4. GOLD DETAIL: The gold details on these giraffes is simply stunning.

5. DESIGN: The shape is artistic and different. These aren’t cookie cutter pieces. Everything from the painting to the simple off-white and gold color scheme convey class and elegance while also being very cute and adorable.

6. HIGH END PACKAGING: The gift box for these is just so well done and coordinates perfectly with the elegant scheme of the giraffes.

In the set, you get three giraffes in three different sizes.

61plLGxMhxL._SL1500_They come packaged in a beautiful box with a foam insert to keep them nicely protected. The presentation is truly impressive.

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