Planetary Design Tea Infuser Mug – 16 oz Travel Tumbler

Price: $29.99

I love how this product simplifies my morning routine. Instead of preparing my tea with an infuser in a mug and then transporting it to my travel cup, I can do everything in one cup. I drink tea every day on my morning drive to work so this is ideal. To use, you take off the lid and infuser. Pour your hot water into the mug. Detach the infuser from the lid, put your tea inside of the infuser and drop the lid and infuser back into your mug.

Once your tea has infused, you push the lever down to stop the tea from steeping. This is great for those days when I don’t have time to wait for my tea to steep before I need to run out the door. The bottom of the mug has a non skid surface. The mug itself is made of 18/8 restaurant grade stainless steel. It is double walled, with vacuum insulation which will keep your drink warm for a long time.


The infuser itself is fantastic. I can use even my finest teas without fragments escaping into my tea. It has hundreds of tiny little holes that let the flavor come through without allowing tea particles into your drink. Check out my video for more on this great infuser. This was a great buy for me and I highly recommend this for any tea drinker. Especially for those on the go.

You can purchase this mug at Bed Bath & Beyond. Discounted sample provided.

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