Nati & Home Stainless Steel Pour Over Drip Coffee Kettle – Built-In Removable Tea Infusion 1.1 L / 4 1/2 Cup

Price: $29.95.

This stainless steel gooseneck tea pot is super attractive. It’s a petite size and holds about 4 cups of liquid. Water heats up quickly on the stove. I love the all in one design – it’s so practical.

This kettle has a built in infuser so you can simply put your tea in the infuser and it’s ready to go. The design on this tea kettle is really attractive and modern looking. The infuser is mesh and just the right size.

The holes are neither too close together or too far apart.


In other words, the holes are small enough to keep small leaves or particles from seeping into your tea, but not so small that the flavor doesn’t get through to the tea.

It’s also ideal for making pour over coffee.

This is a great looking kettle and a recommended buy.

Discounted sample provided. You can purchase this kettle at Sears.

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