Novica Peace And Calm Natural Gemstone Sculpture, Brown ‘Inner Peace’

Price: $39.99.

I love the beauty of natural stones. Each one is unique and no two are the same. So this work of art comes from nature first. It’s a beautifully executed sphere. The stone is smooth and uniform.


I will say that it is much smaller in real life than I imagined it was in the photo. The sphere could be held in one hand – it’s a little bit smaller than a baseball.

The size is great for displaying on a shelf or would make such a nice paper weight on your desk.


This product comes with a lovely card that says, “by Cesar Gonzales: I like stone’s naturalness and purity of color.”

On the other side of the card it says: “inner Peace: Calcite reveals rings of jasper seemingly buried deep within the stone. Set on a base of calcite, the perfect sphere is thought to foster spirituality while jasper attracts calmness and peace. Cesar Gonzales sculpts a mesmerizing work.”

This would make a lovely gift and is clearly executed with quality.


Discounted sample provided. You can purchase this product at Novica.

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