Museum Vincent Van Gogh Coffee Mug Bone China Tea Cup, 18 Ounce, Sunflowers

Price: $23.99

I purchased this mug in the sunflower design and it is gorgeous. Admirers of Vincent Van Gogh will appreciate his artwork and the graceful design of this mug.

It has gold leaf accents and such an artistic handle.

This is a large mug so is definitely bigger than tea cup size. I’ve pictured it next to a standard coffee mug to give you an idea of scale.


It has Van Gogh’s signature on the inside of the mug, which is a custom touch that really takes this product to the next level.

The colors and design are well done and the china is of good quality. My daughter loves sunflowers (and also happens to love Van Gogh) so this is the perfect gift for her.

It comes wrapped in bubble wrap in a plain white box.

Diguo makes other coffee mugs with Vincent Van Gogh paintings on them. It was really hard to choose just one!

Sample provided. You can purchase these beautiful mugs at

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