Lifestyle Banquet Set of 2 – 100% Copper Moscow Mule Mugs, 16 oz.

Price: $35.95.

This handsome set of hammered copper mugs are made of 100% solid copper. Many are lined in tin or aluminum, but these are solid copper. They are a nice weight and very well made. The first thing you notice about these mugs is the attractive gift box they come in. It’s a heavy matte black with a copper logo on top.

The inside is a custom shape to fit the mugs and lined in black satin fabric. The dark color of the box and satin contrast beautifully with the shiny copper mugs, really making them stand out. These would make an amazing gift presentation.

The inside and outside of the mugs are hammered and polished to a high shine.

Very attractive. The handles are seamlessly soldered to the mug, giving a truly high end finish.


The hammered finish on these mugs is a bit more pronounced than others I’ve seen which gives them a lot more detail. I love the shape of these mugs too. I have copper mugs that have more straight lines as well. They are nice, but the curves on these mugs make them look so much more attractive and detailed.

For the record, I own many Moscow mule copper mugs and these are definitely my favorites, both for the quality as well as their stylish design.

Copper mugs such as these are the traditional mug for a Moscow Mule. But they are also wonderful for serving mint julips. (Great drinks, by the way.)

These mugs would be a very nice addition to anyone’s barware. Pair with your favorite liquor and drink recipes for a wonderful gift.

Sample provided. You can purchase these mugs at

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