GROSCHE Marino 550ml/18.6oz Water and Tea Travel Infuser, Glass and Stainless Steel Sport Water Bottle with Infuser

Price: $16.99.

I have purchased 10+ water bottles or infusers over the last several months, trying to settle on one I really like. I’ve tried multiple stainless steel as well as BPA free plastic varieties. Many of them are quite nice. But none of them hold a candle to this one. This is the one I’ve been looking for. First, this bottle is made of glass and stainless steel so your drink isn’t touching anything that would leave a lingering flavor or toxic chemicals. That’s pretty important. Secondly, this bottle is so well made. It feels very high end.

At first I was concerned that the glass would be a problem with breakage, but I’m not as worried about this now that I have it in my hands. I’ve found that the stainless steel base as well as the silicone grip band around the bottle provide quite a bit of protection against breakage. It could still happen but it doesn’t seem nearly as likely as I thought it would. I LOVE the infuser in this bottle.

So many infusers are made of cheap plastic or they have giant holes which allow either your tea leaves or your fruit (or seeds) to escape into your water. This one has a very high quality stainless steel infuser with tons of tiny holes. They allow all of the flavor to escape, but none of what you don’t want. I also like that the infuser is removable. If you don’t want it in your bottle, you can simply pull it out.

This water bottle has a silicone grip which allows you to hold your bottle without it slipping. It’s very effective.

The lid has a nice nylon string which is great for carrying your bottle from place to place. It is not removable, which is the only thing I’d change. You don’t really need to remove it, but I would prefer to remove it when I wash the bottle.

Discounted item provided. You can purchase this product at

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