Diguo Coffee Storage Canister – F-2022 Stainless Steel Bean Container – Vacuum Seal Vents

Price: $22.22.

I purchased this stainless steel canister as a gift to my husband who is a huge coffee drinker. Exposure to air, moisture, light and carbon dioxide can cause his coffee to lose its flavor. Since the Starbucks coffee he buys isn’t cheap, I wanted to get him a quality canister to keep his coffee fresh. After a bit of research, I settled on this one.

I love that this is stainless steel because it keeps light out, it will last forever and it also looks nice on the counter. The seal on this canister is excellent and air tight. The valve closes tightly and locks securely. I can’t tell you how many canisters I’ve tried that don’t do that.

A unique feature of this canister is the date dial on the top of the lid.

You can either set the day that you want it to expire or the date you put it in. If you drink coffee like my husband does, you may not need it, but it’s nice to have. I will probably purchase a second canister for decaf, which sticks around for many months at our house; The dial will be useful so that we know how old the coffee is.

This canister can be used for whole beans or grounds. A 12 oz bag of Starbucks beans fits perfectly inside. It’s exactly the right size. The beans just fit, with little extra room. Which means the canister isn’t taking up more space than it needs to.

This is pretty much the perfect coffee canister. I would definitely recommend it and would purchase it again.

My husband is super happy with how fresh it’s keeping his coffee. It also comes in lots of colors if you want something a little more fun.

Sample product provided. You can purchase this canister on Amazon.com.

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