Review of MEKU Soft Leather Zipper Change Purse Coin Wallet Card Holder

I prefer to carry a compact wallet. I’ve found that if I carry a larger wallet, it tends to accumulate too much stuff that I don’t need. Then when I’m in the checkout line, it takes me too long to find what I need. I want to be able to find my driver’s license, credit cards and cash quickly without digging through a lot of stuff. So a wallet that only fits the essentials is ideal for me. It forces me to keep it lean. Before this wallet arrived, I had been using an $11 vinyl wallet from Target. It was initially purchased as a temporary solution until I found a higher quality version. Two years later, I have finally found it!

Here are my thoughts:
1. This wallet is made of genuine leather. A lot of wallets on amazon and elsewhere will state that their wallets are made of PU Leather. What most people don’t realize is that PU leather is just a fancy word for plastic. This wallet is real leather. It has that “new leather” smell and a quality finish is very well done.

2. It has a pocket on each side of the opening. On one side, I put my driver’s license so I could find it easily. On the other, I easily fit my 5 credit cards and my health insurance card. In the center compartment is the place for your dollar bills. I like that you fold your bills in half to fit them inside. Wallets that require you to insert bills in one long strip are difficult to keep neat. This is easy and effortless.

3. In between the side pocket and the bill partition is a place where you can put other things. I threw in a few of my business cards so that I’d have them on hand.

4. A zipper goes all the way around the outside to keep your items securely inside so that they won’t fall out into your purse or pocket. The zipper functions smoothly and performs well.

5. There is not a separate compartment for your coins, which I prefer, but some may not like. You COULD put your coins in one of the side or center pockets. However, there is not a separate zipper area just for coins. This isn’t an issue for me because I don’t like carrying coins in my purse. They typically get thrown into the center console of my car because they weigh down my purse. When kept inside of a wallet, they make it too “fat” and bulky for my taste.

5. My “pleather” vinyl wallet from Target cost me $11. For only 4 more dollars, I have upgraded to a very good quality genuine leather wallet that is so much nicer. I have shown pictures of my old and new wallet next to each other for comparison purposes. The quality difference between these two products is evident.

This is a very well made product that uses quality materials and displays excellent craftsmanship. It is nice and compact and should last for many years. In summary, I love it.

Discounted sample provided. You can purchase this wallet on

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