Review of Cat Toys Catnip, FATPET® Set-3pc Interactive Cat Kitten Toys, Mouse, Pillow Plush & Wand

Price: $14.69.

I’m convinced that I own two of the laziest cats in America. The only thing that gets them off the sofa is the sound of their food pouring into their bowls. So I wasn’t expecting much of a reaction from them when I threw these toys on the ground. They aren’t playful at all but they liked these toys a lot. Actually, that’s an understatement. They LOVED them.


In this 3 piece set you get the wand with the fish on the end, the large plush toy and the small mouse toy.

The feathers on these seem to be particularly appealing to my cats. The wand toy is great because you can easily move it around the room and play with your cat. It’s a lot of fun. The string is elastic so it bounces to and fro.

My lazy girls perked right up and attacked the poor fish on the end of it. It’s highly atypical for them to have much interest in anything besides food. This is the most activity I’ve seen from them since they were small kittens. Whatever type of catnip is in these, my cats went somewhat crazy. I took a video so that you can see the cuteness for yourself. If you have cats, you need these toys. It’s definitely an enjoyable and entertaining experience for all.

Discount sample provided. You can buy this cat toy on

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