Review of Live Gr8ful Company Gratitude Bead Bracelet by The Live Gr8ful Company. Dream Edition- Agate Natural Gemstones

This is a really lovely bracelet that also has a great sentiment. It is made of white and gray agate gemstones.

Agate is the gemstone of protection, strength and harmony. It has 8 gray agate beads. The note inside instructs you to remember 8 things you are thankful for whenever you put the bracelet on.

So you can count them on each of the gray beads. When you take it off you should also remember eight things to be grateful for. The card states that the most sincerely grateful we are, the more we attract things to be grateful for.



I sincerely believe in the philosophy of gratitude. Just wearing this bracelet is a reminder to be mindful of thankfulness at all times.

So many times in life we think of the negative and are not mindful of all of the blessings there are to be grateful for. I love the message this bracelet carries. This lovely bracelet would make a very nice gift and is quite soothing to wear.

Discounted sample provided. You can purchase this bracelet at

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