G Field Oil Painting Travel Umbrella

Price at time of review: $19.99.
This umbrella is not only beautiful but very well made. I love the oil print design. I purchased the maple and sky print but there are 3 others to choose from. Here is what stood out to me about this umbrella:
1. BEAUTIFUL: The oil print design is gorgeous. I love the vibrant colors and the artistic look. Here is my Maple and Sky Print. It is gorgeous.
2. DURABLE: The fabric on this umbrella is outstanding. It is extra thick and strong – a definite upgrade in quality over other umbrellas. The reverse (underneath side) is a shiny black and looks expensive.


3. NOT AUTOMATIC: This is traditional manually operated umbrella. In other words, when you hit the button to open it up, it doesn’t automatically open like some. I actually see this as a positive because the automatic umbrellas I’ve owned typically break very quickly.
4. WELL SHAPED: I like the shape – it’s kind of a flatter shape on top but has a definite lip towards the ends. This gives you maximum rain coverage while also providing the widest surface.
5. COMPACT: Folds up nice and compact so it’s portable and easy to carry around.
6. CONSTRUCTION: The construction of the spokes feels better than average.

7. BASE: The construction of the base feels about average in quality.CONS: The button that releases the umbrella is made out of a clear plastic. I don’t feel that the quality matches the rest of the umbrella. But this is a minor complaint and shouldn’t effect function.

This is truly a gorgeous umbrella with a super durable and well made fabric. It would make a great gift for the art lover in your life. If you are looking for something unique and different, this lovely umbrella deserves your consideration. And just for fun, here is another color option I loved.

Sample provided. You can purchase this umbrella at Amazon.com.

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