HSU Concepts Laptop Bag or Laptop Backpack

Price: $19.99


This laptop bag is so much nicer than you would ever expect based on the price. Here’s my quick overview video to get us started with this review:

What really stands out is the quality of the fabric. It’s made of a water resistant ballistic weave poly. It’s very rugged and strong. The zippers operate smoothly and have durable pewter colored pulls.


There are three sections to the bag – two front pockets and the large center padded section for your laptop. The front two section have many compartments which will allow you to perfectly organize and easily find whatever you want to put inside.

I like that this bag can be used as a regular bag or as a backpack. To use as a backpack, remove the straps from under the outside compartment and place on the outside. Here is the “strap stow away” compartment.

By moving the straps to the outside, you create an instant backpack. The straps are comfortable as well as nicely padded.

This is a small, compact bag. Overall dimensions are 16.5″H X 12.25″W X 4.5″D. The laptop compartment dimensions are 16″H X 12″W X 3″D.


The laptop compartment is nicely padded. The bag can also be carried by the handles on top. They are padded with a neoprene material. They are comfortable as well as durable.

This is an excellent laptop bag at a great price point. I would definitely recommend it.

Sample provided. You can purchase this laptop bag at Amazon.com.

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