Review of DBF Travel Adapter – Universal Power Plug [US UK EU AU] with 2 USB Charging Ports , Safety Fused (Black)

This small travel adapter has a really unique design. The various plug types are all contained within this single compact unit. These 4 plugs will cover more than 150 countries. Included are US, Europe, UK and Australian plug types.

Here’s a manufacturer photo to show the details:


I love how these retract back into the unit when you aren’t using them. travel2This unit is so compact and easy to work with. It has one plug for plugging in your device and two USB ports.

Theoretically, this unit has the capability to charge two USB operated devices and one regular plug-in device at the same time. However, please note that the USB ports only have a combined output of 2500 mA. This means that you cannot charge two high draw devices (such as a laptop or iPad) at the same time.

The unit comes with an extra fuse and instructions for changing the fuse if needed.



This adapter is made of hard plastic and is built well. It’s compact and portable; it measures only 2.35″ x 2″ x 1.6″. Its weigh is only 3.82 oz so it’s very lightweight.

Please note that this is not a transformer. You will need to check if the country you are in uses 110V or 240V before you plug in items such as hair dryers or flat irons.

This is a very compact, easy to use unit. I would definitely recommend it.

I own several travel adapters and this is the unit that I’ve decided to carry with my on my trip to Europe this summer. I will report back when I return from my trip.

Sample provided. You can purchase this adapter at


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