AOMAIS Waterproof IPX7 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This product has the best sound I have heard on a waterproof or outdoor speaker.

Here are the details:

1. Excellent sound and bass.
2. Great volume.
3. Very heavy duty, rugged and feels like the seals are really tight.

4. The hard rubber casing feels strong and like it would absorb shock if dropped.
5. I really like that is is waterproof. Personally I always treat waterproof speakers as water resistant. I am less worried about exposure to water with speakers that are built to be waterproof (as opposed to water resistant).

6. It can be mounted on a tripod.
7. You can answer your phone from the speaker. This means that you can keep your phone in a sealed pouch or case and keep it from getting wet or sandy and use the speaker instead.

8. Comes with an audio cable.
9. Easy to pair with your device.

1. A little pricey.

PAIRING: Easily pairs with your device. Simply hold down the power button a few seconds beyond the power coming on. Look for AOMAIS-F2. It will tell you when it is paired which is really nice.

This is a great speaker for camping, beach or by the pool. I really like the speaker.

Sample provided. You can purchase this speaker at

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