Review of Vos Ceramic Kitchen Knives Set – 7 Pcs Chef Ceramic Knife Set

I’ve never used a ceramic knife before so I was excited to try these. When I first took them out of the box, they looked like an extra large set of pretend knives. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I do want to caution you – these knives are sharp. Don’t be deceived by the “pretend” appearance and forget to use them with care. I had to keep reminding myself of this fact because they are colorful and look so “harmless.”

Using an apple, I tested the peeler first. It was sharp and peeled the skin off of of my apple easily. However, it did not have the precision of my regular peeler. It cut too deep into the apple so I lost more apple than I wanted to lose with each peel. I was unable to control the depth of the peeling as I can with my regular peeler. I included a photo of an apple peel taken with the ceramic peeler, next to one taken with my regular peeler for comparison purposes.


Next, I tested the knives. I cut the apples into various slices. Then I cut the apples with my regular knives. The knives worked well and easily cut through the apple. But the ceramic knives didn’t have the precision of my regular knives. With these knives, I wouldn’t be able to cut thin slices with any consistency. But this doesn’t matter if you are cutting an apple and then eating it. If you were preparing an apple pastry and needed thin, uniform slices, these ceramic knives would not be the best choice.

THE PROS: Cuts easily and effortlessly. Sharp, sanitary and long lasting, these require less sharpening than regular knives. Fun, festive and attractive contemporary appearance.

THE CONS: More difficult to cut with precision than standard knives. They look a bit like pretend knives, so you must remember to handle with care.

To be fair, my regular knives are a $400 precision knife set from Germany, so we are not comparing “apples to apples”.

Recommendations: A very nice starter set, significantly better than others at this price range. A good value. A good choice for effortless general cutting that doesn’t require precision.

Discounted sample provided. You can purchase these knives at

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