Review of Artify 48 Pcs Artist Grade High Quality Watercolor Pencil Set

Price: $21.99

I am super excited about these colored pencils. You can use these to create some pretty amazing effects. Color just as you would with regular colored pencils. Then get your water out and use the included brush to transform your ordinary art into a watercolor masterpiece.


You can blend the colors together to completely eliminate any lines, making your pencil work look like a painting. I’ve taken a video so we could discover just what these will do together. You receive a wonderful array of highly pigmented colors.

a3They apply smoothly to your paper and have rich hues. To complete this set, you also get: 2 outline pencils, a sharpener, an eraser and a blending brush.

If you are an artist or if you simply like doing adult coloring books, this will transform the way you do things and bring a whole new element to your work.  Be sure to watch my video to see the magic happen!

Discounted sample provided. You can purchase this set at

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