Review of Nanshy Masterful Collection Makeup Brush Set

Price at time of review: $69.95 + $15.86 shipping

I normally use Mac brushes and I had never heard of Nanshy before, but based on the excellent reviews, I was excited to try this brush set. Some reviewers mentioned that they received “fakes” that weren’t marked with the Nanshy name when they received their order. This was not my experience. All brushes arrived well packaged in a nice plastic box. Both the box and each individual brush was marked with the Nanshy name.

The first thing I noticed about these brushes is their lovely finish. I chose the pearl or white finish which I wouldn’t normally do. I diverged from my normal black brushes based on the recommendation of another reviewer. The white has a pearlescent finish that is unique and quite attractive and I would choose it again.

As I removed each brush from the box, the next thing I noticed was how soft these felt on my skin. They have that luxurious feel that you can only achieve on your nicer cosmetic brushes. They feel plush and have the right amount of flexibility for applying powders. I don’t like brushes that are too tight as I feel it makes it more difficult for me to blend in my makeup. These have just the right amount of flexibility.

Pros: White has a lovely finish. Brushes are flexible to achieve a blended appearance. No animal products have been used – cruelty free, synthetic fibers. Brushes feel soft and luxurious on the skin. Very nice quality.

Cons: No real cons except price.

Suggestions for improvement: A small amount of bristles could be added to some of the brushes (although I’m not sure if this might affect the softness and flexibility of the brush). This set does have a foundation brush, but I prefer a foundation brush that is angled on both sides. I would have liked to have seen this type of brush in the set.

I have taken many photos and hopefully these will answer some of your questions. It was difficult to see the brushes from the product’s photos when I placed my order so I have taken many of them to help you out.

Sample product was provided at a discount for my honest opinion. You can purchase these brushes at

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