Review of Boshel® Dog and Cat Grooming Brush & Pet Deshedding Tool

Price: $19.99.

I have two long haired cats that shed like crazy so I’m always looking for a better brush. At last count we own 12 cat different brushes, so I’ve tried just about every kind they make.

What makes this brush unique is the gel in the handle. It makes it more comfortable to use as you are brushing. This would be especially important for someone who owns a grooming business, for example. The rake type brushes work well for my cat – some work better than others. Since my cat has long hair, those with longer teeth tend to work best.

The size of these teeth on this particular brush are best suited for short or medium haired animals. Nonetheless, I found this brush effective in removing quite a bit of fur from my long haired cat. My cat likes being brushed with it, which isn’t true for every brush we own. The brush portion of this tool detaches from the handle, which is a nice feature for storage purposes.

I would recommend this brush for shorter haired animals that shed a lot and to groomers who use these brushes regularly. It would be a highly effective way to remove a lot of hair and minimize shedding in your home.

Discounted sample provided. You can buy this brush at

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